Our trip to Nepal will be frought with challenges but with collected information and two college educated individuals we should be able to plan this trip. 



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Tea House Trekking = "the tea houses are small  guest house, homes or hotels dotted along the trail. You can get a room for 2 to 4 people in a room and  almost all tea houses require you buy all your drinks and meals there too.  The bathroom and toilets are outside the room and they are not heated rooms.  Near Lukla there are tea houses every few hundred metres but as you reach higher altitudes tea houses & villages come around every few hours. It’s a genius way to trek. You don’t have to lug a tent and food around, and the local community are able to have a comfortable livelihood at a small cost to visitors."

Organized Trips:Edit

1. Groupon Getaway - Trekking Tour of Nepal from Bohemian Tours

2. Intrepid Tours - 15 days, $1,395, group size - max 16,

3. Coldfeet Adventure - 13 days, $1475, Great review on tripadvisor

4. Heian Trek

5. Blue Sky Treks

-> Read bad reviews about Bio Bio


  • Limited Showers - Tea houses may have showers at a price.  Hot water is a rare commodity
  • Luggage can only be 10-15 kg (22 to 30 lbs)
  • Be able to handle disgusting toliets and don't forget yor own TP
  • September to November is the busy season.  Tour groups will most likely be at their max (~16 people)
  • Water - bottled water is not provided by any tour company.  At most tea houses, boiled water can be bought at a price. Possibly bring chlorine tablets to disinfect water.
  • Beware of tons of trash ( and eco-friendly police fines.
  • Watch out for dead bodies - probably not at base camp, but of the 189 people who have died climbing Everest, 120 still remain on the mountain (  Most are located in the "Death Zone", ie above 26,000 ft.  

Points of InterestEdit

Mt. Everest Base Camp

Lake Pokhara - Buddhist Temples, limestone caves, Lake tour with stunning reflections of the nearby Mts

Chitwan National Park - "The diverse landscape of marshland and jungle creates the perfect sanctuary for wild tigers and rhinoceroses. Take an optional elephant ride, or canoe along the Rapti River to see the tusked animals up close."